Audible Review

Audio Books

Road trips have always served the purposes of relaxation and daydreaming and self-education and edification. During my formative 20s I always looked for opportunities to listen to audiobooks. After one visit to California, I remember stopping at the Pasadena Border's, eagerly looking for my next title. I stopped listening to audiobooks once road trips were fewer. Since I … [Read more...]

Here’s the Deal with the Forum


As many of you have noticed, there's a Danger & Play Forum set up. I haven't approved any usernames yet because I've had to decide what to do with the forum. 99% of Internet forums (or fora, for the pretentious among you) exist for one of two reasons: 1. A large forum allows the forum owner to sell advertising to third parties. This is self-evident. If you can get … [Read more...]

Dante’s Admonition

DC Training

Dante Trudell has put more muscle on guys through his revolutionary DoggCrapp training than probably any other bodybuilding visionary since Arnold. Most don't know about Dante or DC Training because DC Training is too demanding for most trainees. Dante issued a warning that I took to heart many years ago. It's a warning most will ignore until it's too late. What did Dante … [Read more...]

Finding Your State


How would your game change if you never felt feelings of rejection? What if rejection had no more power over you than a still breeze? Would your game change if you could control how you responded to women? One NLP exercise that no one does (event though it's fundamental and even though you cannot "do" NLP unless you've performed this basic exercise) is to create a state of … [Read more...]