Finding Your State


How would your game change if you never felt feelings of rejection? What if rejection had no more power over you than a still breeze? Would your game change if you could control how you responded to women? One NLP exercise that no one does (event though it's fundamental and even though you cannot "do" NLP unless you've performed this basic exercise) is to create a state of … [Read more...]


Model T Mars Curiosity

How small-minded and pathetic some people are. Say a guy he can make money online, and haters bristle. Yet here is what mankind has accomplished in one centenarian's lifetime: It's no coincidence that the Mars mission was named Curiosity and not Haterosity. Don't miss: Make Money Online! … [Read more...]

Overeducated and Underemployed? Start Making Money Online!

Benjamin Franklin autobiography

Although Gucci Little Piggy is an outstanding writer, I stopped reading his blog because it was too negative and bitter. A Twitter link to an article shows why he's a bit unhappy with the world: I had top grades among Finance students but just didn’t think or know and hadn’t been told how important internships were.  So I just focused only on school work because that’s what I … [Read more...]

When is a Man Over the Hill?

Gracie Jiu Jitsu

"Old has always seemed to me," a mentor told me, "whatever 10 years older than my current age was." Thirty seems well beyond a man's past-due date to a college student, and the Big 4-0 is one of man's worst fears. Yet advances in nutrition and medicine seem to suggest that men who live a certain way may live for a very long time. Have enough money that you don't need to … [Read more...]

Mastery: Book Review

Mastery Book Review

Author of the 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene's latest book Mastery asks: Can we learn to become masters? Green's book Mastery is part biography, part practical advice, and part positive affirmations. In teaching others how to become masters, Greene examined the lives of other masters - everyone from electromagnetic expert Michael Faraday to founding father Benjamin … [Read more...]

The Pain of Enlightenment

Nietzsche Zarathustra

"When Zarathustra was thirty years old, he left his home and the lake of his home, and went into the mountains. There he enjoyed his spirit and solitude, and for ten years did not weary of it." - Thus Spoke Zarathustra. A solitary retreat into the mountains is a common metaphor of enlightenment. Nietzsche, who was studying to be a theologian before becoming a … [Read more...]

The Ovarian Lottery

While complaining about life is common and encouraged, a question to ask yourself is this: Would you play the ovarian lottery? The rules of the ovarian lottery are simple. You have the chance to be reborn. Your soul (or essence, or whatever you want to call it) will be implanted into an entirely new body. Consider, however, the full implications of being reborn. You … [Read more...]

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Saved Andrew Sullivan’s Career

Paleo man

In the late 1990s, accomplished writer Andrew Sullivan saw his career take a nose dive. Sullivan, a gay man who contracted HIV, had low testosterone levels. Hormonally speaking, he was no longer a man. He then began what we now call TRT - testosterone replacement therapy. Anyhow who follows politics knows that, when it comes to Sullivan and testosterone, "The rest his … [Read more...]

Blog Showcase: Chaos and Pain

Google Blog Warning

Chaos and Pain (very NSFW) is a mixture of vulgarity, hatred, evil, grotesque images, training advice, and all-around badassness. It's so hardcore that Google warns you away: Chaos and Pain really is amazing. The front page is the fifth part of a series of Indian wrestling and club bell training. Yet scrolling down will reveal photographs that can best be described as … [Read more...]