Muscle Game and the Great Zyzz

A tribute to the late and great Zyzz. See you mirin' at the gym. at the end of the day if youre a shredded sick cunt you can get away with anything, bro - -zyzz not give a fuck bro, thats what we do thats what the zyzz cunts do thats what the revolution is bro none of this fucking sad cunts we're all gonna fucking make it bro that's it -zyzz … [Read more...]

What is it Like to Lose Your Children?

Friends have lived through the heartbreaking experience of losing one's children. The problem with men is that we marry for love. Yet the love a man will have for his children will far exceed the love he will have for his wife. We should marry with one question on our minds, "Will she make a great mother? Would she steal my children from me? How crazy or vindictive would she … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Life: One Month at a Time

The best advice I ever heard was given to someone else. An acquaintance was 30 years old and regretting not finishing college. He wanted to earn his degree but thought he was too old. A wise old man told him, "In two years, you're going to be 32. You're either going to be 32 with a degree or without one. Which 32 year old would you rather be?" Time presses on. Tomorrow … [Read more...]

Lie About Your Age


The nerds at OK Cupid ran the data to answer this age-old question: At what age is a man most desirable? Age 27 is the sweet spot. Christian Bale was 27 in American Psycho. Arnold Schwarzenneger was 27 during his peak Mr. Olympia run. Jean Claude Van Damme was 27 in Bloodsport. 27 is a great year to be a man. By the time you're 27, you'll have outgrown your baby face. … [Read more...]

Bang Poland for the Extras

Bang Poland is part travel memoir, party how-to-get-laid guide. I originally planned on visiting the country for one month, but ended up staying for seven. It wasn’t because I made amazing friends or fell in love with the cities, culture, or food. It also wasn’t because I became enchanted with its mountains or natural beauty.It was because I simply couldn’t get enough of the … [Read more...]

Supplements for Men: Workout Supplements

Guys have asked me to write about supplements. Your calls have been answered. I'm going to break it down into three parts. This first part will discuss workout supplementation. The second part will discussion nootropics - or cognitive enhancement. The final part will discuss general health and life-extending supplements. (If you shop at iHerb with this iHerb coupon code you'll … [Read more...]

Do You Want Children?

This has unfortunately been in large part representative of what happens after the baby arrives: Husband and wife (if they're even married) agree to have kid. Husband gets wary when wife gets knocked up, wife cries when knocked up. Nine months of bitching and no sex for Husband. Baby arrives. No sex. Kid ages and parents try to resume lifestyle of carefree 25 year olds … [Read more...]


Alex Grey Fenix

"I don't like this," I said after almost dying. About two hours earlier, I had found myself in a room with a bunch of people wearing colored clothing clothing who talked a bunch of mystical bullshit. They compared 5-MeO-DMT to dimethyltryptamine - DMT, or the spirit molecule. I'm a man of science with little patience for people who treat drugs as anything other than chemical … [Read more...]

What is Sex With an Older Woman Like?

Fortunately this is not my first-hand report: Yes, she did seem like she had a pretty face at one point, and her hair and all that shit was nice, which would lead me to believe she dressed to impress; at one point anyway. Her pussy was all loose, like pealed chicken skin or something. It took her a good while to get wet also, and some saliva had to be used. Shudders. … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Life

Most of us are fuck-ups. Even an alpha male has an area of life where he could improve. Maybe a guy has his money right but his girl walks all over him. Maybe a guy has a strong pimp hand but can't pay his bills. Or maybe you're a moronic sexless fat fuck headed towards a lonely life of Metabolic Syndrome and mouth breathing. Recognizing that we can all improve in some areas … [Read more...]