Men Aren’t There For You (‘Cause You Weren’t There For Us, Too)

Thirty-year-old men refuse to man up while their female counterparts are growing up. Result? Women are unhappy: Young professional women may not relate to the financial struggles their Millennial peers are protesting against during the Occupy New York movement. After all, these ambitious go-getters are working as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and advertising executives, blessed … [Read more...]

Money or Game?

Again, it's good to have both, but if you can have only one: Choose game. Jessica Sporty was tired of dipping into her savings to keep up with her Manhattan lifestyle. Her $45k salary was not enough and she needed at least an extra $500 a month and sometimes $1,000 to pay her credit card bills and afford her $1,475 a month apartment in Murray Hill Sporty started eating out … [Read more...]

Self-Defense for Players

Wherever men congregate to talk about women, a common question arises: What's the best self-defense/martial art for men? The debates are endless and generally pointless, because the guys who argue about this stuff don't actually fight. Everyone has an opinion, and you can tell right away that everyone is full of shit. I've been in well over 100 fights, boxed in a ring, and … [Read more...]

Revenge of the Nerds

When we first had sex, I saw that you kept your socks on. I thought to myself, 'This guy is a total nerd who must never get laid.' I listen to the Great Courses on my way to an intellectually-challenging job. I don't watch television. In my spare time, I research the mitochondria theory of aging. I don't just "lift weights." I study bio-mechanics. I don't just eat, I study the … [Read more...]

The True Test of Alpha

The modern "game" thinking on love is beta. If you listen to most men who claim to run game, you'll hear them say, "All women are fungible. If you elevate one woman above all others, you're beta." Those guys have clearly never been in love. More than most, I am an advocate of love. I hope everyone reading this falls deeply in love. I have been in love twice. Psychotic, … [Read more...]

How Narcissism Hurts Your Game

Although happy to help guys with their game, there is one group I will not work with under any circumstances. I will not work with narcissists. When we think of narcissists, we tend to think of Christian Bale's character in American Psycho. We imagine attractive, self-absorbed men who spend too much time in the tanning booth and gym. In American society, however, even losers … [Read more...]

Masturbation Strike

Guys who think about game is a subculture, and like other subcultures, certain fads spread. The latest is a masturbation strike. That is, guys are wondering if masturbating sucks away their manly life force. As it happens, I once went seven weeks without masturbating. Some undoubted and noticeable changes happen. Six weeks from now, you'll start eye fucking the lunch ladies I … [Read more...]

How to Tell if You’re Good Looking

am i good looking

A lot of guys wonder, "Am I good looking?" It's a hard question for men to answer. Unless a man is a male model, he likely won't be told he's good looking. In modern society, men are praised for what they do and women are the ones who are told that they are good looking. Still, a lot of men wonder how to know if I am good looking. (There are ways to become more attractive. … [Read more...]

The One Rule of Game

One typically male conversation is to minimize libraries of knowledge into one principle. You'll often hear weight lifters, for example, ask, "If you could only do one exercise, what would it be?" Guys they debate whether you should do dead lifts only, or pull-ups only. Those conversations are generally pointless, because it's not as if you can only do one exercise. Yet the … [Read more...]

Game is Not Based on Status

Think hard about guys you know who get a lot of women. Include everyone from celebrities to friends to "PUA's." As you list these men, ask yourself this question: What do they all have in common? The traditional answer, based on evolutionary psychology, is status. The alpha male gets the girl, and the beta males get the scraps. When poets and musicians get laid, we are told … [Read more...]